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3.8”inch- Blue- LED Marine Marker Light

Each Marine light comes with 6PCS high intensity 2835 SMD LEDs, 
outputs excellent bright 120LM light for perfect marker light.
  • BD-006B2835B-Z
  • Bowang

Light source 6pcs-2835SMD
Voltage DC12V
Watt 0.2W
Size 96*20mm


The trailer light adopts high brightness 6 chip led to provide the illumination.Outputs excellent bright 120LM light.


Led Side marker lights also can provide extra illumination at night or poor visibility road.

It can help drivers to see the road clearly and alert pedestrians.

IP67 100% waterproof design,it will pervent from any sand ,water dirt,snow and dust.

Led Lights use as marker lights, clearance Lights, decorative lights, exterior interior lights, camper light, Decorate Light, under dash lights, walk way lights, Golf Cart Lights, snowmobile lights, Interior Lights, trailer lights, truck lamps, pickup lights, running lights, side marker lights, front parking lights and so on.

- The size of the led marine light is 96*20*9.5MM

- The front and rear shells are separate and sealed by special technology.

- High transmittance is PMMA material, the bottom shell is PMMA material.

- With the IP67 waterproof design,will prevent from any sand,water dirt,snow or dust.

How to intstall it?

(wire connection, yellow for positive, black for negative)

1.Mark and drill holes according to the foam tape base provided;

2.Peel and stick the foam tape to the light;

3.Run through the wire lead to the center hole and use bolts and nuts to fix 2 sides.

Note:Center hole might not be necessary if use some washer under the foam tape base when fixing the two sides.

BD-006B2835B-Z (5)



Q:Have regular lights for these led lights,plug and play?

A: They will replace your current lights if they are the same suze.There do not come with any kind of “plug” connector.

Only a red and black wire to be connected to positive and negative 12 V respectively.

Q:Is the light plug and play?

A:Yes,we have two style of the lights.One is plug and play,the other is wire to wire connect.

Q:Is it difficult to wire them to your lights?

A:It's easy to install.you just know the positive wire and ground wire,and then connect the right wire together.

Q:how to installation?

A:For Special car lights, you can use it in plug and play.

And the universal lights,you need to hole the car to ensure the screw position,and then wire to wire to connect.

Q:Do they have a rubber seal to keep the rain out?

A: Don’t worry,the light have waterproof,and there is no any issues with water getting in them.



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