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New design of the LED third brake lights

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Dongguan Bowang Photoelectric Co., Ltd was founded in September, 2009  . Our company has developed to be a high technology enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, and selling high quality LED products.After years of rapid development, the research and development department launched several high-mounted brake lights in 2023, which were used in Ford, Chevrolet and GMC respectively.Other new item will be promote asap....

Any idea,welcome to communicate with us to have new desing

GX-026WR3030A-S (1)

GX-076WR3030A-S (1)

GX-108WR0012B-S (1)

GX-108WR0012A-S (1)

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led driving lights are a type of luminaire, but their purpose is different from that of conventional lamps.
Founded in 2009,Dongguan Bowang Photoelectric CO.,LTD. has developed into a high technology enterprise integrating R&D
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