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Why do led light bars use die-cast aluminium alloy housings?

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The led light bars are typical of modern led luminaires and have many advantages, which is why they are used in many scenarios. Many people do not know why led light bars are made of die-cast aluminium alloy. This article takes stock of the main advantages of die-cast aluminium alloy and provides a brief analysis of the performance of led light bars.



The main advantages of die-cast aluminium

How to effectively maintain led light bars?

How is the waterproof performance of led light bars?


The main advantages of die-cast aluminium alloys


Corrosion resistance

The aluminium surface has a dense layer of aluminium oxide, which is highly resistant to corrosion and helps led light bars to withstand many extreme operating conditions.


Heat dissipation

Aluminium has a much higher thermal conductivity than steel; for heat dissipation, we use an aluminium housing material with excellent thermal conductivity to ensure that the led light bars perform well all day long.



Aluminium profiles are portable and easy to work with, and many shops can handle them, making them easy to pick up. As a result, led light bars are highly productive and you don't need to assume that demand will outstrip supply.



For the consumer, die-cast aluminium led light bars offer excellent value for money. Due to the precise dimensions of the die-cast aluminium parts, the surface is clean. Generally no more mechanical processing and direct use, or processing volume is very small, so both improve the metal utilization rate, but also reduce a lot of processing equipment and man-hours, which makes led light bars have a high cost performance.


These are the main advantages of die-cast aluminium alloys. When designing led light barsd, we take into account the need to design luminaires that meet the requirements of both function and lighting quality, but are also easy to install and maintain and have low long-term running costs. For you, we think that led light bars are a good choice. The wide reflectors on both sides allow for multi-angle refraction and are very easy to use.


How do I effectively care for my led light bars?


Any luminaire needs regular maintenance and so do led light bars. When cleaning led light bars, a neutral detergent should be used to avoid damaging the oxide film on the surface, and it is still necessary to dry them in time after cleaning.


How is the waterproof performance of led light bars?


When choosing led light bars, you must pay attention to the waterproof performance of the light, which determines its efficiency and durability, and the waterproof performance of our led light bars is excellent. In the production of led light bars, we have strict requirements on the quality control, raw materials and processes of led light bars. Although led light bars have a strong water resistance, we still do not recommend led light bars to work in wet environments for long periods of time.


The use of led light bars in a wide range of scenarios, such as garden lighting, backyard lighting, reversing lights, off-road lighting, architectural lighting, etc. This is all there is to know about led light bars. Do you know more about led light bars from the above information? Dongguan Bowang Photoelectric CO.,LTD. was established in 2009. has developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of high quality LED car/truck lights. Our company always adheres to the business philosophy of "scientific management, quality winning, technological innovation and cultural development" and insists on the development tenet of "people-oriented, market-oriented and customer-centered" to provide customers with reasonable prices, excellent working style, quality products and perfect pre-sales service. Quality products and perfect pre-sales and after-sales services. If you want to know more about led light bars, please contact us in time. Our company will provide you with the best service and product quality.


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