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New Ford Truck Led Round Work Light

1.*Fit for 2011-2014 F150,2007-2014 Ford  Expedition,2008-2011 Ford Ranger.
2.The lamp use by 2 pcs super high performance SMD chip.brighten than other lights.
3.It's easy to install ,just plug and play to the car.
  • GY-002WCOB
  • Bowang

Light quantity 2pcs
Light source  COB
Voltage 12V-24V
Power 24W
Color temperture 600K
GY-002WCOB (8)

About our Ford Led Work Driving light,the highest lumens can be reached 2200lm.

It fit the size is 4.5inch * 3.42inch vehicle.DC12-24V.

Special material can be extend its lifespan,more than 50,000 hours.

GY-002WCOB (5) GY-002WCOB (4)
①The led work light make by 2 pcs high intensity led chip with 6oook cool white color.

②Our work lamp lense is Clearly ,shatterproof and durable.

③Heavy duty Aluminum housing provides high efficiency heat dissipation and protections,extend the driving light's longlife.

GY-002WCOB (3)GY-002WCOB (7)GY-002WCOB (6)

  1. The Ford lamp make in IP67 waterproof,very steadily and continuously inextreme situations.

  2. High quality chip ,focused and farther bright light areas provide youu to see distance clearly.guarantee better vision and safety.

  3. Just plug and play design,the lamp is easy to installation.Just need serveral minutes.

Which car can be use the led work light?

The better use in 

2007-2014 ford F150

Ford F150 2007-2014 direc fitment plug and play.

Ford Ranger 2008-2011

Ford Expedition 2007-2015



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