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Fight in the river!

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In order to promote the communication and assistance skills, and enhance the cohesion of our team, 

our company organized the Huizhou rafting activity and Poetry Recitation Competition o on June 6, 2021.


The first part of the activity is " Poetry Recitation Competition".

This competition focuses on training team members' expressiveness and teamwork ability.

We welcomed the first contestant Liu Yu to brought us into the state of the recitation competition. 

Next, my colleagues all recited the poems with great affection.

1. This part is a good exercise opportunity for those shy colleagues.

2. In order to increase the fairness and authenticity of the competition, We rate the contestants together.


In the end, Huang Ke,the foreign trade manager, stood out from the contestants with 45.5 points to be the winner 

and won the prize.The lyrics recitation contest ended successfully in laughter.

(The following photos is the process of the competitive)



After the Competition ended successfully, we enjoyed the lunch of local food.

The important part of this day is rafting . Everyone put on their equipment, and ready to have  water war started.

Nearly two-hour rafting activity, everyone had a great time and relax their pressure.

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After the canyon rafting activity ended, we returned to the familiar environment, and embrace a brand new beginning.

This team building activity not only benefited us a lot, but also get along well with our colleagues and made us to be a better team in the near future. 

One boat,one target, move forward together!We are the best team.


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