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Advantages and disadvantages of license plate light

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Initially LEDs were used as an indicator light source for instruments, later LEDs in various light colours were widely used in traffic signals and large area displays, generating good economic and social benefits. Today there are an unimaginable number of different types of led luminaires, and the luminaire we are introducing today also uses led technology, it is the license plate light.

What is license plate light?

Advantages of license plate light

Disadvantages of license plate light

license plate light

What is license plate light?

The license plate light is a light that is used to illuminate the licence plate at night or when it is dark, together with a small light such as a driving position, and is generally used for police tracking and surveillance at night. The license plate light is also used to illuminate the vehicle's licence plate at night. At the same time, the license plate light also serves as a good signal warning, although its main function is not to illuminate, but it can serve as a good safety warning.

Advantages of the license plate light


The license plate light uses a low voltage DC power supply, which varies from product to product, and is designed to be low power and safe. It does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, is easy to recycle and does not generate electromagnetic interference.

Environmentally friendly

The license plate light is not easily damaged and can be recycled even after it has been damaged or aged, thus not polluting the environment.


The license plate light is stable, compact and shock resistant.

These are the main advantages of license plate light. With the development of technology, led technology is advancing day by day and its luminous efficiency is making amazing breakthroughs. It is expected that the overall design of license plate light will see a new round of innovation in the future.

Disadvantages of license plate light

The disadvantage of the license plate light is that it is expensive. At the same time, some of the license plate lights require constant current drivers and are prone to light failure if the heat is not properly dissipated. This places a high demand on the heat dissipation of the license plate light. Therefore, the selection of license plate light is very important.

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