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7 Inch Offroad Led Driving Round Work Light

1.Our led work light have high-quality led chips, it can make sure your driving safety.
2.High intensity and perfect visibility, super brighten for driver.
3.New generation of relector cups increase the angle of relection and inrease lumen output.
  • GY-012WP8-WG
  • Bowang

GY-012WP8-WG (18)

Size 7 inch
Led chips KW3+P8 LED
Wattage 230W/pair
10-30V DC
Beam type Spot Beam(30 Degree)

GY-012WP8-WG (19)

GY-012WP8-WG (21)GY-012WP8-WG (22)

Heat Dissipation
IP68 Waterproof
Selected high quality die-cast aluminum housing with vertical cooling sink design can make the lifespan of the driving light up to 50,000 hours Using the static electricity spurts and isothermal solidifying processing, stand wear and tear

GY-012WP8-WG (23)GY-012WP8-WG (24)GY-012WP8-WG (25)GY-012WP8-WG (26)

combined 30° spot & 60° flood reflector around, depth lamp cup makes the light source loss smaller and the light uniform The matal interface of the link wire is waterproof and corrosion resistant to ensure the normal operation of the point circuit.
Tick and wide bottom bracket,strong and stable .suitable for mountain cross-country. Aluminum cover design 

can protect for any extreme condition

Wide Application

GY-012WP8-WG (2)GY-012WP8-WG (1)GY-012WP8-WG (3)

Boat Lighting

Off Road Vehicle Lighting

Landscape Lighting

This Led work light can be installed on boat, yacht, skiff, freighter and ship to enhance the illuminating brightness of voyage.  Easily with various road conditions, and ensure your driving safety. The Led light bar can be widely applied to Jeeps, 4x4, ATV, UTV, SUV, Truck, Cars Pick-up, Van, Camper, Road Buggy, Sand Rail, Trains, Bus, Tanks, etc

You can also use the offroad work light for household lighting such as Garden, Backyard, Garage, and Indoor Lighting.
 *the voltage transformer/converter to convert the AC 110-120V to DC 12V for indoor use)

Customer feedback photos!

GY-012WP8-WG (5)

GY-012WP8-WG (6)

GY-012WP8-WG (9)

GY-012WP8-WG (7)

GY-012WP8-WG (8)



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