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420W 20Inch Triple Row Flood Spot Led Work Bar Lights

Led light bar ----Double beam of spot and flood beam with triple row design.Nest reflector cup of illumination material can improve efficiency.

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Voltage 12V/24V
Wattage 60~420W
Light  Spot beam ,flood beam
Waterproof IP67
Color tempetaure 6000K
Lumens Output 4800lm

Product specification:

Led light bar ----Double beam of spot and flood beam with triple row design.Nest reflector cup of illumination material  can improve efficiency.

The broad reflective plate on both sides allows multi-angle refraction, ideal for ambient

Adjustable mounting bracket: The bracket can be adjusted and slid, offering convenience to adjust position flexibly when needed

IP67 waterproof rate, efficient cooling, die-cast aluminum alloy housing, over 30, 000 hours lifespan


  1. car roof

  2. the hood cover

  3. the bumper


led light bar for Off-Road vehicles-ATVs,SUV,truck,Fork lift,trains, boat
Vehicles-Fire engine,police cars,rescue vehicle,communication vehicle, military command vehicle etc.
Engineering vehicles-Excavator,dozer,road roller,bulldozer,crane and mining truck etc.


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Main advantages of led light bars

Corrosion resistance

The aluminium surface has a dense layer of aluminium oxide, which is highly resistant to corrosion and helps led light bars to withstand many extreme operating conditions.

Heat dissipation

Aluminium has a much higher thermal conductivity than steel; for heat dissipation, we use an aluminium housing material with excellent thermal conductivity to ensure that the led light bars perform well all day long.


Aluminium profiles are portable and easy to work with, and many shops can handle them, making them easy to pick up. As a result, led light bars are highly productive and you don't need to assume that demand will outstrip supply.


For the consumer, die-cast aluminium led light bars offer excellent value for money. Due to the precise dimensions of the die-cast aluminium parts, the surface is clean. Generally no more mechanical processing and direct use, or processing volume is very small, so both improve the metal utilization rate, but also reduce a lot of processing equipment and man-hours, which makes led light bars have a high cost performance.

These are the main advantages of die-cast aluminium alloys. When designing led light barsd, we take into account the need to design luminaires that meet the requirements of both function and lighting quality, but are also easy to install and maintain and have low long-term running costs. For you, we think that led light bars are a good choice. The wide reflectors on both sides allow for multi-angle refraction and are very easy to use.


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