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5 Inch Reverse Bulb Led Car Lights for Trailer

1)functions as stop light, turn signal light,tail light and Backup Lights or Reverse Lights.
2)Recessed mount with PC grommets and Pigtails and accepts standard 3-prong plug,easy to install.
3)These LEDs draw less current, generate less heat and are brighter and light faster.
  • WD-024R05ANA-R
  • Bowang
Led Qty 24pcs
Voltage DC12V
Power 0.9W
Dimension Ф137MM 
Working temperature -40℃~75℃
Yellow light+yellow shell; PC edge

WD-024R05ANA-R 7_01 (3)

5" Round Yellow Tail/Stop/Turn Signal Light

Made by 24 pcs diodes.

PC edge with submersible waterproof rating.

Stop/Marker/Tail Functions

WD-024R05ANA-R 7_01 (1)

The tail light combination of PMMA material,5mm led and ABS material.

  1. High transparency PMMA material.

  2. Easy to installation

  3. New technologu for better concentration of light

  4. Copper core power cord,more stable input current

WD-024R05ANA-R 7_01 (5)

WD-024R05ANA-R 7_01 (4)

Our light with sonically sealed,submersible,IP65 waterproof rating,it can be face to extreme weather.

Integrated molding design of front and rear shell forming in one body,special technology fitting.

Also the tail light have two light beam of low light and high light to select.

WD-024R05ANA-R 7_01 (7)

Usage: Universal for Pickups,Truck Trailers,SUV van Caravan and Boat Lorry Bus; Can be used on any applications, left right front rear roof side Top 12V Vehicles.Used as Led Marker light, Auto side Lamps, clearance light, identification light, Trailer Light Back up light,Off Road Lighting,Truck, Trailer Interior & Exterior Lighting,Boat Lighting amber side marker lights, led marker light, red side marker lights, clear amber marker lights led, universal side marker lights, rectangular led marker lights, led marker lights white, side marker lights jdm, led marker lights amber, motorcycle side marker lights, led marker lights trailer, black marker lights, green side marker lights, led amber marker lights, side marker lights blue led, led marker lights, passenger side marker light, white led marker lights, roof marker lights, slim led marker lights, semi marker lights, rv side marker lights, marine trailer marker lights, rear marker light, led red marker light, clear cab marker lights, clear red marker light,  amber led marker lights, square led marker lights.    

Advantages of the led tail light


The shape of the led tail light is highly malleable and leaves a lot of room for design. Customers can also choose different models of led tail light according to their needs.

Fast response time

Compared to conventional tail lights, the led tail light has a much faster response time. Because it has no hot start time, it glows in microseconds. In contrast, conventional glass housing bulbs have a delay of 0.3 seconds, which prevents rear-end collisions and ensures safe driving.


In terms of styling, the led tail light has a definite advantage in that the tiny light emitting diode makes it more designable and adds an artistic touch to your car.

These are the main advantages of the led tail light. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the led tail light also requires a good heat sink, otherwise the lifetime is not guaranteed. This is why in the design process we have taken into account not only its aesthetics, but also its practicality.



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